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Religion is based upon faith in the consistency of God.

The Ultimate Religion is Science.


The "Proof" of God.


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The "proof" of God can be done as a very simple experiment.


Hold a pen or similar item one foot above a table or desk, and then let it go.


(You should ask someone in advance what they think will happen when you let go of the pen.  It will reinforce their understanding of the hypothesis-experiment-evaluation process of science.)


When you let go of the pen it should fall to the table surface.  And it should fall at the rate of 32 feet per second squared due to the gravitational constant.  And it should fall at that rate even if you repeat the experiment a million (or a billion) times.


It should also have the same result if you do if for a one food distance on a planet on a planet 13.7 billion light years away.  That gravitational constant and friction effect are assumed to be the same everywhere on our planet and everywhere in the adjacent 13.7 billion light years diameter of our universe.  It has also remained consistent over the past 13.7 billion years.  If you do that same experiment on a planet with the mass of the earth anywhere in the 13.7 billion mile sphere, the pen will also fall at 32 feet per second.


That universality, omnipotence, and eternal nature, of those laws of physics is the proof of God.  Faith is not our belief in miracles but in the ABSENCE of miracles, and faith in the consistency and universality of the laws of physics is an essential ingredient of science.  What we typically define as miracles is because someone either misinterpreted, misunderstood, misrepresented (lied) about their observation of physical events.  (Any religion whose existence is based upon a "miracle" that conflicts with the laws of physics is a religion based upon a lie.)  


What likely ARE miracles are not events that violate the laws of physics but events that violate the laws of probability. Not only DOES God "play dice with the universe," God plays with loaded dice as its method for how events occur. The realization of the process of evolution is our understating of how God brings about changes in our world and a further proof of the existence of God.


The Gravitational Metaphor should also let you validate the concept for someone who believes that the existence of God IS dependent upon miracles (or anything that violates our known understanding of the Laws of Physics.  Science now quantifies those Laws, and that anything that supposedly violates those Laws is actually NOT a reflection of God.  It will further reinforce the fact that their “miraculous” understanding of God came from someone else’s misinterpretation, misinformation, or misrepresentation of those “miraculous” events.


That methodology requires a new technical innovation called a Ten Story Building and requires them to go to the top floor and leap off of the building towards the ground.  If they survive, they will have proven that God exists because of miracles.  If they don’t they will have not only proven that the Laws of Physics are supreme, and you will no longer have to worry that their Fundamentalist beliefs will further harm others, or that their stupidity will continue as part of the human gene pool. 


The Ten Story Building technique is called a “Flying Leap of Faith.”


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