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Rules of Science

March 22, 2019



Technology is the use of increasingly accurate, self-evident, and reproducible information to replace energy and matter.  

Science is the Art of discovering new Technology.  (See Rules of Technology.)



1.      The first rule of science is to challenge your own assumptions.


2.      Ninety percent of solving any problem is in properly defining it.  Our perception of the world is a metaphor map and not reality itself.  To understand those metaphors you need to identify them, and assume that they are false; so that reality can validate that they are true.  Always assume that your assumptions are false.  


3.      If something doesn't work, try doing it backwards.  See Rule #2.


4.      If something still doesn’t work, try doing it over and over because eventually you will get a different result, at which point you can then figure out what you did differently.  See Rule #3.


5.     The difference between Stupidity and Science (Rule #4) is that when you do it over and over expecting a different result, Science will notice when the result is different.  Stupidity thinks that the result is the same.


6.      Knowing what doesn’t work is as valuable as knowing what does work, because when you properly define the variables, you know where the limits are.  See Rule #5.


7.      The sum of the details is greater than the whole of the process, which is why you need to pay attention to the details, but still be able to see both the trees and the forest.  (See the definition of Pixology.)


8.      When Technology is sufficiently obsolete, it becomes an Art Form.  When Science is properly done, it also becomes an Art Form. 


9.     The benefit of technology is NOT in what it lets people accomplish, but in how it improves the character of people.  The goal of Science is not better technology, better people, or increased prosperity, but to better see the Face of God.


10.   See Rule Number One.