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Progressive Dyslexia

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How to Have Fun Being a Parent


The Goal of Parenting is NOT to produce an Obedient Child OR a Rebellious Child, but to produce a Successful Adult.


Most Parents, however, don’t understand that as Boys grow from age 11 through 18, “normal” is defining who they are by “pushing the envelope” and the boundaries of what they think and do.  And Children (and People) do what you Inspect, Not what you Expect.


What Parents fail to understand is that Children learn by Example, NOT by Instruction.  A Child’s Role Model is NOT the way their Parents tell them to act, but the way their Parents act.


Children seeing their Parents behaving constructively and having constructive fun as Adults tend to use THAT as a role model.  As a result, Parenting is NOT a one minute, one hour, one day, or one year experience.  Parenting is a Relationship.


Scouting provides a Relationship Environment Sons (and Parents) learn skills that help them (and their Parents) constructively “push that boundary” to help them (and their Parents) become successful Adults.


While Scouting is a way of “Learning How to Enjoy Life”, the biggest benefit of Scouting is NOT what your son learns as a Scout, but what YOU learn as a Parent.