In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.




Progressive Dyslexia

Progressive Lenses





Rules of Bureaucracy


Bureaucracy - An administrative system, especially in a government, that divides work into specific categories carried out by special departments of non-elected officials


Bureaucrat – An individual who operates as a functionary in a Bureaucracy within specific guidelines of authority.



Rule 1 - Bureaucracies exists for their own survival.


Rule 2 - Bureaucracies are stronger than the individuals who are in them and stronger than an individual’s ability to change them, which is why it is beneficial to be part of a Bureaucracy.


Rule 3 – The best way to bring about change in a Bureaucracy is to use the weight and mechanisms of the Bureaucracy against itself, or to use the weight and mechanisms of one Bureaucracy against another.  You have to be creative and smarter than the Bureaucracy to bring about change, but it is easier and more effective than becoming a martyr.  (This is similar to asking the Whopper Computer in the movie "WarGmes" to play itself in a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.)


Rule 4 - To bring changes to a Bureaucracy on issues, you have to overwhelm the top of the Bureaucracy with details.  To implement those issues you have to simplify the details for the people at the bottom of the Bureaucracy who have to deal with those changes.


Rule 5 – A True Bureaucrat creates new rules, procedures, and organizational changes with limited feedback for the primary purpose of making sure that the rest of the Bureaucracy knows that the True Bureaucrat is in control.  Since Absolute Power tends to Corrupt Absolutely, True Bureaucrats are Evil.  The only way to deal with a True Bureaucrat is for you to become invisible, exit that Bureaucratic system, or use another Bureaucracy to eliminate that True Bureaucrat.


21st Century Technology Codicil


The pen is mightier than the sword if you manage to keep your head attached, but an electron is more powerful than the sword.  And faster.