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Progressive Dyslexia

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Benchmarks for My Friends


At age 50 I realized that the most important thing in life is the friends we have because WHO we are is NOT what we see in the mirror but rather our relationships with others. 

At age 60 I realized that not only do I (almost) "understand myself" but have delightfully abused my analytical tendencies to be able to have quantified Benchmarks for my Friends:

1.  They laugh at my jokes
2.  They answer my questions before I finishing asking the question (or before I even START asking)
3.  They understand what I mean even if that is not what I actually said
4.  They challenge my opinions rather than passively accepting what I have to say.


At age 65 I realized that their rapid answers to my questions (sometimes even before I started asking the question) was not only because my friends see life the way I do, but because their answers are frequently shorter and faster than mine.